Lentil Pasta Puttanesca

Lentil flour is a source of fiber and protein, and can be used to add texture, richness, and complexity to many recipes. Lentil flour can be used in baked goods such as muffins and pizza crusts, and in pasta. Chef Rebecca Peizer from The Culinary Institute of America shows us how to use lentil flour to make a lentil pasta dough, which she tops with a Puttanesca sauce.

“Are there lentils in this?”

As the daughter of a gastroenterologist, I had a healthy appreciation for fibre thrust upon me at an early age. I’ve also loved cooking for as long as I can remember – my mom likes to tell the story of a time I was three, and asked when I could cook for myself. “When you

5 Foods to Boost Brain Power

As the school year draws to an end, it’s important to keep kids focused so that they can finish the year strong. What you eat can influence your brain’s ability to stay sharp. In fact, not only to help you stay sharp and alert, some food may actually help prevent Alzheimer’s disease! Here are some

Molly Morgan, RD, CDN, CSSD

As a sports dietitian when it comes to adding key nutrients to athletes eating routines, you can’t beat lentils; they provide plant-based protein, soluble fibre, insoluble fibre, folate, potassium, iron, and manganese. Each aspect of nutrition that lentils deliver is essential for athletes! Plant-based protein: Adequate protein is a must for rebuilding muscles, repairing muscles,

Fight Winter Blues with Good Nutrition

Written by Canadian Lentils Dietitian Gloria Tsang, RD November is here. With shorter daylight hours and more rain in many parts of the country, our mood can be affected. In addition to trying to get outside more and be active, some simple diet changes can help you curb Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Diet Strategies to

Explore Various Sugars with Lentils This Summer

Written by Canadian Lentils Dietitian Gloria Tsang, RD Have you ever noticed that there’s a new product every time you shop for sugar at the grocery store? With kids out of school and summer time days off, many of us are cooking and baking more at home. Why not explore various sugar this summer with

Lentils for Breakfast? Science Says YES!

You probably don’t think of lentils as being a regular breakfast food. But you might want to start! A new study from researchers at Carleton University, published online in advance of the January 2013 issue of a scientific journal LWT – Food Science and Technology, found that the antioxidant properties of lentils may enhance the

Zest Up Your Gluten-Free Snacks

May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month. Whether it’s a necessity or by choice, going gluten-free can be an adventure for you and your family! For many, finding tasty gluten-free snacks is a challenge. Many commercial snacks are high in carbs or sugar but low in nutritional values. So ignite your inner foodie by exploring gluten-free

Five Simple Tips for a Gluten-Free Kitchen

For those with celiac disease, gluten-free eating is a requirement. But many others are exploring the gluten-free lifestyle these days, for various health and diet reasons. When you first make the switch to a gluten-free diet, it can be a bit tricky to know how to stock and set up your kitchen. Here are five