Lentils.org Partners with B.GOOD on New Mediterranean Bowl

Red Lentils Star in this Nutritious, Flavorful, and Plant-Forward Option

SASKATCHEWAN (Feb. 16, 2021) – Restaurant chain B.GOOD is now offering a Mediterranean Bowl in collaboration with Lentils.org in an effort to deliver a healthy menu option while diversifying lentils in the U.S. The bowl currently serves as the first lentil-based bowl option offered by the chain.

B.GOOD prides themselves on serving real food with clean ingredients, which is why adding lentils to their menu aligned with their company values.

“From both flavor and nutrition standpoints, lentils made sense, especially in the salad and bowl category,” explained Conor Burke, B.GOOD Head of Marketing. “We believe the Mediterranean Bowl is both a winning build and winning product that our customers will come to love, which is why we are introducing it on our core menu.”

Lentils are a natural fit for power bowls and consumers agree. Power bowls are among the top menu items of interest for restaurant goers.[1] Additionally, lentils in bowl applications have grown over 229% in the last 10 years and are expected to increase. In 2020, bowls were found on a third of U.S. menus. Bowls will continue to find their way onto restaurant menus as the category is predicted to grow 14%+ over the next four years.

“Plant-forward menu items continue to increase in popularity and lentils are uniquely positioned to satisfy protein desires of consumers,” said Amber Johnson, Director of Marketing & Communications at Lentils.org. “A half cup serving of cooked lentils provides 12 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber – a combination that works to curb hunger while creating long lasting energy.”

Recent studies show strong consumer demand for lentils and operators, like B.GOOD, are adding them at a fever pitch. Findings include [1]:

  • 81% of consumers know of lentils.
  • 36% of consumers like or love lentils.
  • According to Datassential’s Menu Adoption Cycle, lentils are in the proliferation stage, which is stage 3 of 4. This stage means lentils are becoming more widely available and accepted by consumers.
  • Red lentils are one of the fastest growing plant ingredients, increasing at over 11% year-over-year in menu mentions[2].
  • 48% of consumers want to see lentils offered in power bowls on restaurant menus.
  • There has been a 41% increase in growth of bowls at quick-service restaurants (QSR) in the past 10 years.

Over the past couple of years, Lentils.org has worked to increase lentil-based menu items on U.S. menus. The commodity organization, along with B.GOOD, are members of the Heathy Menus R&D Collaborative (HMC), an initiative founded by The Culinary Institute of America, to craft practical solutions that contribute towards expanding healthy food and beverage choices within the foodservice industry.

“Being part of HMC has enabled us to connect with foodservice operators, like B.GOOD, to bring healthy, delicious and sustainable dishes to customers and we look forward to working with other U.S. restaurants to bring similar offerings,” continued Johnson.

B.GOOD’s Mediterranean Bowl features red lentils, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, za’atar hummus, za’atar vinaigrette atop a bed of Good Greens. The new menu item also marks the return of a customer favorite, Eggplant Meatballs. The Mediterranean Bowl costs $11, has 650 calories and can be found at any B.GOOD location.

For more information on adding lentils to foodservice menus, visit Lentils.org/Foodservice.


About Lentils.org and Saskatchewan Pulse Growers

Lentils.org is a promotional brand funded by Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG), working with the food industry to promote awareness and use of delicious, nutritious and sustainable Canadian lentils. SPG is accountable to and funded by over 15,000 pulse crop (lentil, pea, chickpea, dry bean, faba bean) farmers in Saskatchewan. For more information, please visit Lentils.org.

About B.GOOD Founded in 2003, B.GOOD is an innovative, fast casual, farm-to-table restaurant chain serving “Food with Roots” – sustainably-grown, wholesome food that is prepared fresh in-house. With locations across the U.S. and Canada, B.GOOD serves a diverse and delicious menu inspired by the heritage of back to basics simplicity including grain bowls, salads, all-natural burgers, oven-finished fries, smoothies and kids’ meals. By sourcing as much as possible from local, independent farmers and being genuinely

[1] Datassential Flavor 2020 Study

[2] Technomic, December 2020 Edition of Restaurant Business on the Menu enewsletter