5 High-Protein Summer Snacks On The Go

Gloria Tsang newJust like any meal, a well-balanced snack should also contain some protein-rich food.

Most of us pay attention to cooking a well-balanced meal. But we don’t pay as much attention when it comes to preparing snacks. Just like any meal, a well-balanced snack should also contain some protein-rich food.

Why is protein so important? Not only does it provide satiety, protein also helps to slow down digestion and hence can help stabilize blood sugar. What’s more, it also prevents cravings at odd hours. Having enough protein in a snack can make it so we won’t feel like eating if we don’t feel hungry.

5 High Protein Snacks

1.Almonds and pistachios

Among all nuts, both almonds and pistachios provide the highest protein content while being the lowest in calories. In addition to bringing home the protein, these two nuts have a good amount of fiber too, which also helps make us feel full longer. Both of these nuts provide about 6 g of protein per oz. Red Lentil & Chia Porridge with Toasted Almonds & Goji Berries

Protein (per oz): 6 grams

2. Lentils

Many of us think of meat when we discuss protein. However, plant-based protein is able to deliver similar functions performed by animal-based protein. Just ¾ cup of cooked lentils provides a whopping 13 g of protein. For quicker prep time, choose split red lentils; it takes no more than 10 minutes of boiling. To make lentils appeal to kids, try this easy, no-fail Soft and Chewy Lentil Granola Bars recipe and make it the go-to snack for this summer!

Protein (per granola bar): 5.6 grams

3. Edamame

In my previous post on Natural Foods to Lower Blood Pressure, I’ve talked about edamame already. What’s not to love about these easy to prepare bean pods? You can find them in the frozen aisle in the supermarket and simply steam or microwave for 7 to 10 minutes, then sprinkle with salt and pepper. Chill them overnight and can be placed in a ziploc bag the next day. Just ½ cup provides 8 g of protein. Miso Tofu & Lentil Energy Bowl

Protein (per ½ cup): 8 grams

4. Eggs

Not so long ago, most of us were weary of eating foods containing a high amount of cholesterol. However, study after study have shown that dietary cholesterol has little effect on serum cholesterol so egg is a good protein option. In addition, eggs are also a good source of B vitamins. Boil eggs the night before and refrigerate for next-day consumption. If you plan on eating them more than 2 hours after you bring them out from the fridge, make sure you store them with an ice pack or in a cooler bag. Lentil Omelette Cups

Protein (per egg): 6 to 8 grams

5. Cheese Sticks

Most kids love cheese sticks. But it shouldn’t be limited to kids only. For grown-ups, these individually-packed cheese sticks are convenient to bring along for an outing. Just like sliced processed cheese, cheese sticks also come in natural and highly processed. Make sure to choose the natural ones, usually made with 4 ingredients. Similar to eggs, store cheese in a cooler bag with an ice pack on a hot day.

Protein (per stick): 6 to 8 grams

The above no-cook or quick-cook high-protein snack ideas will help keep you and your family energized and healthy this summer! Now you can enjoy summer even more knowing you can easily provide high protein snacks for everyone.