Case Study: Pret A Manger launches a protein-rich lentil hot wrap that exceeds sales expectations

November 2023

Spiced Lentil and Chickpea Hot Wrap

Anticipating consumer demand for cozy fall flavors in plant-forward menu offerings, Pret A Manger this September launched a permanent menu offering anchored by spiced lentils and chickpeas. The hot wrap is already overperforming based on volume, confirming a consumer shift toward satiating, protein-rich whole food plant ingredients as an alternative to plant-based meat analogues.

A meal with appeal beyond consumers looking for vegetarian options, the Spiced Lentil and Chickpea Hot Wrap has a suggested retail price of $13.50 and combines spiced lentils, chickpea crumble, red peppers, red onions, feta, cilantro, pickled jalapeños and chipotle aioli in a 7-grain wrap.

With 19 grams of protein in the 530-calorie wrap, this satisfying menu item adds a nutritional boost along with pleasing textures and rich, hearty flavors. As a whole food ingredient, lentils help with satiety — a ½-cup serving of lentils provides 12 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber, and this nutrient combination curbs hunger and helps consumers feel full for longer. Lentils are also low in fat, sodium, and calories while providing key nutrients like potassium and iron.

Leaning into lentils’ ease of preparation and consistency made all the difference in bringing this menu offering to the market. From an operations perspective, this hot wrap succeeds for the sandwich-and-coffee chain because it relies on ingredients already stocked in the pantry, which allows for a quick-to-market launch due to existing supplier relationships and helps minimize daily waste in shops.

The Spiced Lentil & Chickpea Hot Wrap replaces a previous category offering that featured a plant-based meatball analogue. As trend data shows, consumers increasingly want plant-based proteins that they can recognize as whole food ingredients, and this wrap meets that demand. Protein-rich lentils soak up the flavors that they are cooked with, expanding a dish’s capacity to deliver flavor profiles like Mediterranean spices and complementing the varying textures in the pickled vegetables and creamy feta.

Freida Hirsch, Food Director at Pret A Manger, says that the Spiced Lentil and Chickpea Hot Wrap is exceeding the company’s sales forecast after just a few weeks on the permanent menu.

“It’s a familiar enough ingredient that people know what to expect when they see lentils on the menu, and I think that familiarity can be very comforting,” Hirsch says. “Our Moroccan Lentil Soup has the highest order frequency amongst all Pret soups so finding new ways to work with this ingredient seemed like a natural next step.”

“Sales don’t show their full potential in the first few weeks, so it’s a really good sign that after only four weeks on the menu, this lentil hot wrap has nearly hit the peak volume of our previous meatless wrap.”

The team collaborated with Hirsch on the development of the wrap, providing strategy and innovation ideas after meeting her through the Culinary Institute of America’s Healthy Menus R&D Collaborative. The fall menu launch helped Pret expand their hot wrap category back to three offerings, providing a boost in terms of category volume that Hirsch anticipates will continue in the coming months. also supported the launch of the Spiced Lentil and Chickpea Hot Wrap and highlighted fan-favorite Moroccan Lentil Soup on social media by providing prize packages for two sweepstakes during Vegetarian Awareness Month in October and World Vegan Day on November 1. The posts generated over 1,000 entries and saw engagement rates of 19% and 39% respectively.

With 50 current U.S. locations and a major planned expansion to a portfolio of 300 stores by 2028, Pret A Manger is soaring to new heights after pulling back during the pandemic and shows no sign of slowing growth anytime soon. [1]

To learn more about using lentils to anchor your whole-food plant-forward menu offerings, contact our team at — we can help with menu innovation and SKU optimization.

[1] Nation’s Restaurant News, “Pret A Manger is making a comeback in joint venture with Dallas International franchisee.