Draw inspiration from leading, trend-forward chefs across the U.S. with unique ways to innovate with lentils on the menu

Lentils.org partnered with Chef’s Roll, a global culinary community and media company, to capture some of the most innovative and inspiring lentil dishes on independent restaurant menus across the U.S.

Looking to explore lentils beyond soup and stew? Chefs were challenged to lean into lentils used in entrée dishes, street food, and globally-inspired dishes that build interest and create opportunities for safe experimentation with new ingredients, flavors, and cuisines.

The result was six restaurants/chefs and twelve concepts that can offer menu inspiration for fast casual and casual dining operations of any size to scale and implement creating serious consumer interest.

Explore the concepts:

Restaurant: Bhuna
Location: Portland, OR
Chef: Deepak Kaul

Lentil Mushroom Naan
Piyaju – classic Bangladeshi street food snack of lentil fritters

Restaurant: Tournant
Location: Portland, OR
Chef: Jaret Foster

Crispy Lamb, Lentil & Feta Kefta Burger
Lentil Bolognese

Restaurant: Dr. Sandwich
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Lentil Falafel Pita Sandwich – pita filled with red lentil falafel, hummus, and tahini
Kubbah – traditional Middle Eastern hand-held dish made of bulgar wheat on the outside, filled with a blend of red lentils

Restaurant: Eve Fremont
Location: Seattle, WA
Chef: Rasyidah Conley

Lentil Pasta Sauce – fresh radiator pasta, sundried tomato and lentil sauce, sauteed Swiss chard, charred shishito pepper relish, crispy fried lentils, and pangrattato
Japanese-Inspired Shepherd’s Pie – Japanese curried lentils, carrots, satsuma imo, miso mashed potatoes

Restaurant: Pura Vida
Location: McMinnville, OR
Chef: Ricardo Antunez

Lentil Chorizo Plato Typico – lentil chorizo served with avocado puree, salsa de chile de arbol, and patatas bravas
Lentil & Cauliflower al Pastor Taco – cauliflower al pastor with spiced lentil crumble, pickled onions, and cilantro

Restaurant: Saucy Greens
Location: San Francisco, CA & Los Angeles, CA

Red Lentil Wrap – red lentil, tabouli, and fried onion wrapped in a warm and freshly made lavash with fresh herb labneh sauce
Lentil Mental Salad – Fresh herb labneh spread, red lentil balls, crispy onion, tabouli, red cabbage pickles, pomegranate, kale, and romaine with saucy vinaigrette

We can help you transform and scale these and other concepts to high volume in multi-unit settings – contact us to start the conversation: info@lentils.org