New Lentil Products At Stores

Gloria Tsang new

Written by Canadian Lentils Dietitian Gloria Tsang, RD

Now that kids are back in school, easy meal preparations are back on the table. Lentils are becoming the staple of many Canadian families over the past year.

It just makes so much sense that we are welcoming this super food onto our dining tables. More and more research are showcasing the benefits of lentils and legumes. Just earlier this year, researchers from St. Michael’s Hospital found that just one serving of pulses a day can cut down on bad cholesterol by five per cent over the course of six weeks and decrease the risk of heart disease.

And if you notice, more and more packaged foods are now including lentils in their recipes. I came across some interesting categories I really would love to share!

1. Lentil Chips

I first came across lentil chips about three years ago; it was an American brand at the time. Now I am starting to see more Canadian brands popping up at our grocery stores! Not that I encourage you to eat chips every day, but if you are going to munch on some bagged chips, wouldn’t you want to munch on something with more protein and fiber like lentil chips?

2. Pasta Plus

A few years ago pasta makers wanted to boost fibre by adding chicory roots or inulin into their products. Unfortunately, it wasn’t well accepted as the pasta became sort of gummy after being cooked. A major pasta maker now adds more fibre and protein by incorporating legume flour. I have since switched over to this line as the texture and flavour is very good, and it comes along with enhanced nutritional values!

3. Lentil Soup

I add lentils to almost all of the soups that I make. To me, it is the easiest way to incorporate lentils into my diet. They require no soaking, just boiling. So it is no surprise to see the largest canned soup maker now has a few products with lentils in their recipes!

4. Pet Food

Now this gets interesting! I don’t have a dog, so my knowledge on dog food is all fed by TV commercials. In other words, no knowledge. So when a Twitter friend tweeted me earlier about a dog food brand now containing lentils in their ingredients, I was totally amazed!

As I’ve said earlier, it’s just so easy to prepare lentils at home. No pre-soaking, you just boil it. Check out the newest Lentils For Every Season free recipe booklet for dinner inspiration this Fall.