Mini Crab & Lentil Cakes –

Mini Crab & Lentil Cakes

  By lentilsorg      

September 24, 2015

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  • Prep: 15 Minutes
  • Cook: 1 Hour 15 Minutes
  • 15 Minutes

    1 Hour 15 Minutes

    1 Hour 30 Minutes

  • Yields: 2 dozen


  1. Gently squeeze excess juice from the crab meat and toss into a large bowl. You should have at least 400 grams of crab meat once squeezed.
  2. Add the lentils, red pepper, parsley, and tarragon to the crab and gently mix together.
  3. In a separate bowl, whisk the mayonnaise, lemon juice, Worcestershire, and Old Bay Seasoning together. Gently mix the mayo mixture and the egg into the crab. Add the fresh bread crumbs. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  4. Make small, ¾ inch, flattened cakes and toss each in the panko crumbs to coat. In a large skillet, heat the butter with oil on medium heat. When the butter is frothy, add the cakes in batches to the pan. Cook until golden brown on the underside, about 3 - 4 minutes. Flip the cakes, reduce the heat to medium low, and continue cooking until the other side is well browned, 3 - 5 minutes.
  5. Serve immediately with lentil remoulade.

*Fresh bread crumbs are made from fresh bread. Simply place fresh bread slices into a food processor and pulse until a crumb-like texture is reached.


1 lb fresh crab meat, or pasteurized

¾ cup cooked green lentils

½ cup finely chopped red pepper

1 Tbsp chopped fresh parsley

1 Tbsp chopped fresh tarragon

¼ cup prepared mayonnaise

½ tsp whole grain mustard

½ tsp fresh lemon juice

dash, Worcestershire sauce

½ tsp Old Bay Seasoning

1¼ cup fresh bread crumbs*

1½ cups panko bread crumbs

2 Tbsp butter