3 Healthy Eating Tips To Set You Up For Success (even in a pinch)

Get organized and set yourself up for success when it’s time for a meal or snack. We have three tips that will organize your life and simplify your weeks – PLUS a free printable fridge guide.

  1. Prep your pantry

  • Lentils are your pantry’s new best friend. Dry lentils should be stored in airtight containers in your home’s dark pantry. Once stored properly, they keep for up to one year (but we bet they won’t last that long)

  • Canned lentils are also a great time-saving pantry must – they can be found in most grocery stores by the canned beans and chickpeas and are a super handy ready-to-eat option to have on hand

  • Stock up on dry and canned lentils so you know you always have healthy plant protein options on hand to cook up in a pinch

  1. Meal prep/ingredient prep

  • Meal prep doesn’t have to be a whole day affair – simply pre-cooking some ingredients can go a long way in setting your week up for healthy eating success

  • Simply cook off a large pot of lentils on Sunday and pre-portion into ½ cup or 1 cup servings sizes

  • Store in the refrigerator for up to 1 week, or in the freezer for up to 3 months

  • With cooked lentils ready to go, you can quickly add them to so many meals and applications to boost fibre and protein

  1. Keep it simple

  • There is no need to reinvent the wheel or come up with complicated new recipes when it comes to eating more lentils or plant protein

  • Take an inventory of your go-to dishes or weeknight staples – we are guessing lentils fit nicely into those meals you and your family already love

  • Here are some of our quick and easy lentil add-ins:

    • Smoothies – Adding cooked lentils to your morning smoothie is an easy and natural way to boost fibre and protein.

    • Tacos/Burritos – Combine lentils with ground meat to extend the protein in taco or burrito filling.

    • Pasta Sauce – Add lentils to jarred or homemade marinara sauce to create a meaty texture and add protein

    • Salad/Bowl Topper – Sprinkle protein-rich lentils on top of your favourite salad

    • Burger Patties – Combine lentils with ground meat in homemade burger patties

    • Omelettes – Include lentils in your morning omelette or scramble

  1. BONUS – Fridge tips

  • Download and print this helpful guide of time-saving tips – hang it on the fridge as a reminder and inspiration for healthy meal swaps all week long