Food Trend Spotlight: Snacks, Sharables, and Protein Boxes

Consumers love snacking and we know that younger generations are eating more frequent smaller meals or higher number of snacking occasions throughout their day. People are on the move so ease of grab-and-go options are attractive, especially those that can be snacked on throughout the day and hold well for extended periods of time. Consumers also love snack, grab-and-go, and protein box style offerings because they usually offer a variety of flavors, textures, and unique components while delivering big on protein and satiety keeping them full for longer and sustaining that long energy burn throughout the day.


There is a lot to innovate around when it comes to protein boxes, preparing small bites of big flavor or allowing the introduction of a new component to the consumer among familiar ones. Think texture – crunchy or crispy elements alongside smooth and creamy dips and spreads with al dente components with some chew.

Operational Perks

Protein boxes and other grab-and-go items are successful because they can be prepared ahead of time, in many cases even through a co-packer off-site, and the components and finished products hold well for extended periods of time. Lentils play perfectly into this, and some applications like marinated or composed salads actually become better over time as they continue to soak up the flavors of a dish.

Protein Box/Bento Box components

Snacks & Grab-and-Go Items

Sharables & Appetizers