Food Trend Spotlight: Breakfast Anytime

Breakfast has long allowed consumers and operators to experiment with the combination of sweet and savory, domestic and international, relatable and new. When it comes to breakfast, all things go – whether it’s starting your day off strong or enjoying an indulgent brunch any time of day, breakfast has established strong loyal customers all over.


The breakfast category has expanded and embraced a lot of new over the past several years. Gone are the days of only eggs or pancakes – today the breakfast menu is attractive all day long with trendy items like unique hand-held concepts, avocado everything, hearty breakfast bowls, or even the #putaneggonit trend to blur the lines between breakfast and other areas of the menu.

Innovating around breakfast allows the operator to take more risk within a relatable and somewhat more forgiving playing field. Egg dishes, bacon as a garnish, or an avocado open face are all new dishes that can utilize common breakfast core ingredients to push the envelope and introduce new ingredients. Lentils can really shine when used in harmony with these classic breakfast components – they carry and soak up big flavor but they bring satiety, allowing the consumer to stay full for longer, leaving them satisfied and ready rock through to lunch or even dinner.

Operational Perks

Operationally, breakfast tends to rely on more streamlined prep, stable hold times, and easy execution. Especially during lean staff times, an enhanced breakfast menu can still be attainable, especially when utilized as an all-day affair. Lentils play perfectly in this space bringing consistent quality, robust flavor carrying abilities, and holding well for extended periods of time.

Breakfast Bowls

On-the-Go Breakfast

Eggs All Day

Sans Eggs